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Corona RP4S1
Type RP4S1
Size 42.5 x 18.2 x 9.36 mm
Weight 6.6 g
Range > 1.2 km / 3900ft
Sensitivity better than 2.0 μv
Selectivity ±8 kHz at 65 dBdown
Number of Channel 1-4
Filtering Dual turned RF circuitry, Dual 4 pole ceramic filter, DSP filtering with mild algorithm
Shift Polarity Positive or Negative (auto-detect)
Modulate FM / PPM
Intermediate Frequency 455 kHZ
IP3 +9 dBm
Operating voltage 4.8 V ~ 6.0 VDC
Operating current 17 mA


  1. Turn the transmitter power on ,adjust the mode to PPM and make sure the transmitting frequency be in the frequency list
  2. get the receiver close to the transmitter, then connect it to the battery
  3. after the LED in receiver flashing two times, press the button for two second, then release the button ,then press the button again ,LED will begin to flash, when the LED stops flashing , it suggest that the receiver can work now.
  4. after the receiver locked, if you don’t change frequency, receiver will work when you connect it to the power. no need to relock.
  5. If you change different transmit brands but not change frequency ,you just cut off receiver power and connect it to the battery again , then the receiver will works well.

Caution: when you locking your receiver, please ensure around 5 meters only your own transmitter is working and put your receiver close enough to your transmitter.